Global experience, local focus

Since our inception in 1993, Slimstock has grown rapidly. With customers in over 40 countries and offices in 20, the combination of our global team and local focus ensures you realize you supply chain goals.

Close to the customer

Slimstock's vision is to be close to the customer in all aspects. We prefer to support customers with local offices in the customer’s language. Therefore we also know the specific complications encountered locally. Together with our partners and local universities we continuously expand our knowledge network.

24/7 Company

Our customers are based in various locations around the world. Therefore our international network, with well-educated customer service centers, enables perfect support. A major benefit of those local support centers is that the company is able to communicate in a lot of local languages.

Flexible Solutions

In each country and at each customer we encounter different approaches to the different problems. By combining and sharing all the information of different cultures and discussing the methods we create a broader perspective. As a result we have numerous solutions for each customer problem.