As a best of breed solution, Slim4 seamlessly bolts on to any ERP system via a robust and proven data exchange method. Our implementation process has been specifically designed to not only guarantee the successful implementation of Slim4 but also to provide supply chain teams with the level of interaction, guidance and nurturing required to ensure they are able to reach their full potential.

5 Phase in our implementation process

Phase 1: implementation kick off and determination blueprint

In order to provide direction for the entire project and to ensure that the end result will exceed your expectations, the kick off phase is focused on outlining your specific supply chain goals and defining a clear scope. During this phase, our consultants will work closely with your team to map your business processes, as well as the flow of goods.

We develop a technical blueprint which ensures the seamless data exchange between Slim4 and your ERP system.

Phase 2: system configuration, installation & testing

The next step of the implementation process is to apply the technical design to the configuration of Slim4. This is to ensure that Slim4 is setup around your businesses exact requirements.

As part of this phase, the software will be installed within your business and configured according to the project scope. Together with your team, we validate the design of the system as well as the data interfacing with the ERP system through rigorous testing. The result is a robust system which is capable of supporting your business in realizing its supply chain goals.

Phase 3: Team training through our certified training program

To ensure that your team is able to hit the ground running, it’s vital that they have a full understanding of how Slim4 operates and how it can be applied to their day to day work. Thus, to help your team gain the knowledge required to use the software effectively, all users will complete a structured certification program. With all training taking place on-site, users will complete the program using their own Slim4 system and real data from your business. Through successfully completing this phase of the project, your team will be fully certified to use Slim4.

Phase 4: Go live!

Within as little as 3 months (depending on the qualification data), you will be ready to go live with Slim4. Whether you decide to go live with Slim4 incrementally or with one big-bang, we are able to accommodate your specific business needs.
Making the first order with a supplier within Slim4 is an important moment in the project. In order to ensure that that the system is working exactly as expected, our consultants will provide onsite support until your team is completely happy that the solution is more than capable of achieving the goals set out in the kick off phase!

Phase 5: Continuous support, customer care and our Academy

We understand that the successful implementation of Slim4 is the first step in your journey towards inventory optimization. To ensure your business realizes its supply chain objectives, we offer a complete customer care package designed to help you get the most out of Slim4.

To keep your Slim4 system running at peak performance, our dedicated helpdesk is always on hand to help. Based locally, our technical experts will be your first point of call for everything from system upgrades to day-to-day technical support. In addition, our consultants can provide both remote and on-site support.

Furthermore, to enhance the knowledge of your team, we provide a full range of supply chain and inventory management courses via our Slimstock Academy. Not only do we provide Slim4 training for new employees, we also want to give you the opportunity to gain knowledge around inventory management, supply chain and much more through our regular specialist events. Through meeting other supply chain professionals you and your team will benefit from exchanging knowledge and experience with other customers.