Slimstock: The Market Leader in Inventory Optimization

Slimstock was founded in 1993 with the conviction that every business is unique, so every optimization solution should be too. We work with our customers as a true inventory management partner, customizing each implementation to achieve impressive results. With this approach, Slimstock has become one of the world's leading inventory optimization companies.

Slim4 is an integral solution for forecasting, demand planning and inventory control, and is built to help you get the right inventory to the right place at the right time. Inventory optimization is at the heart of everything that we do; the passion and knowledge that we bring to our relationships have resulted in Slim4 being trusted by over 925 companies in more than 40 countries around the world.

Practical solutions & expertise

In addition to our software solution, we also offer project based support and professional services. We offer  coaching, analysis, and interim professional support to lead or assist you with your inventory management needs. We showcase our knowledge and experience at various international events throughout the year, and we also offer our own qualifications and training programs via Slimstock Inventory Academy.

The results for your business

Our customers realize up to 30% reduction in excess stock, and fewer stock-outs. This helps increase fill rates, leading to better customer service and higher sales. Slimstock customers realize a full ROI within 7 - 12 months of implementation, which means you can be saving money with Slim4 sooner than you think!

Slimstock in North America

We are proud to have a lifetime customer retention rate of 96% .  Here in North America we are dedicated to only using Slimstock employees for installation, set up and support. When you choose Slimstock you get a dedicated and knowledgeable team offering industry, application and technical consultation. We offer our "No Like / No Pay" guarantee with confidence!