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Exposed to extreme volatility in demand, spiralling product ranges and increasingly lengthy lead times, maintaining the high levels of availability that consumers demand is a growing struggle for businesses across the automotive supply chain. Slim4 helps businesses take control of their operations in order to attain the level of supply chain flexibility required to succeed in the cut-throat automotive industry.

Assortment management: Maximise the value of the long tail

From prangs and punctures to general wear and tear, every car endures a lifetime of hardship. In order to keep these cars on the road, many automotive wholesalers and distributors have developed huge assortments encompassing many 000s of SKUs. However, with so many articles to manage, each with their own trends, demand profiles and product lifecycles, automotive businesses can easily become exposed to availability issues, excess and obsolescence.
Slim4 has been specifically designed to help automotive businesses to maximise the profitability of their entire assortment. Through enabling businesses to categorise items depending on their strategic importance to the business, automotive wholesalers and distributors can adopt a more appropriate approach to manage each category.
From service levels to stocking decision, the insights provided by Slim4 can be utilised as a driving force to shape the assortment and optimise the performance every item.

Optimised replenishment: maintaining a harmonious supply

With a supplier base extending across the globe, many automotive businesses face lengthy lead times of up to several months. When you factor in the costs associated with importing goods from abroad, coupled with the impact of supplier closures, it’s vital that automotive businesses are able to anticipate their inventory requirements well in advance in order to ensure that orders arrive in a timely manner.
The powerful forecasting capabilities of Slim4 provide supply chain teams with accurate insights on which to base purchasing decisions. With Slim4, businesses are able to take into account emerging trends, seasonality, and upcoming promotions as well as supplier calendars and logistics costs in order to order the right quaintly at the right time. The result: a more stable supply chain with lower supply chain costs.

Multi-echelon planning: optimal inventory levels across the entire chain

End consumers are simply no longer willing to wait for the parts and components required to keep their vehicles running. Thus, to better service the needs of the ever-more demanding end consumers, many automotive wholesalers and aftermarket specialists have established complex networks comprised of a vast number of locations. With a growing number of channels to manage, the control span of organisations is expanding not only horizontally but also vertically across the supply chain.
Given that a typical supply chain is now comprised of an increasing number of levels and channels, it is vital that inventory is managed effectively across the entire network. The advanced multi-echelon planning capabilities of Slim4 allow businesses to optimise inventory management across the entire chain. Through more effectively allocating and transferring inventories between different stock locations, automotive businesses can reduce total inventory levels while simultaneously increasing service levels at every location.

Optimise your inventory with Slim4

Slim4 actively supports specialist suppliers as well as the automotive wholesale industry and car service companies. Our software easily integrates with any ERP system, including in-house developed systems. For each level in the Supply Chain, Slim4 will provide the complete solution for your demand and inventory planning requirement.

“With help from Slim4, we’ve decreased our inventory from $42 million to $36 million.”

Corporate Manager of Supply Chain Operations

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