Inventory management for the manufacturing industry

If you want to make the absolute most of your production capacity, you have to ensure you producing products in the optimal batch sizes while simultaneously ensuring that you do not build up too much inventory: especially if it is the wrong items!

If you operate in a make-to-stock environment, it is vital that your planning team can generate reliable forecasts of anticipated future demand in order to ensure that you are not only producing the right items but also that all the required components are available at the right time.

Equally, if your business is underpinned by a make-to-order model, an accurate estimate of required parts and components is essential in order to satisfy customer demand in a timely manner. In both scenarios, Slim4 is an instrument in enabling you to strike the balance between inventory costs and availability!

Sales & Operations Planning

By introducing a Sales & Operations Planning (S & OP) process, you can incorporate valuable insights from across the organization into the decision-making process and adjust the expected demand inline your production capacity, ensuring that you produce the right stock.
Slim4 helps to realize sales goals, demand forecasts, and production capabilities, making it the ideal base for your S&OP process. With Slim4, your S&OP meetings will be more productive and ensure the entire business is better positioned to make the best decisions.