Industry Focused Inventory Solutions

Slimstock helps all businesses optimize thier inventory

Wholesale & Distribution

Many wholesalers stock thousands of SKUs to stay competitive. This ensures that customers have choice, but effectively managing this many items is challenging. With Slim4, wholesalers and distributors gain control over their inventory, reducing levels by up to 30% while still achieving the service levels customers expect.

Retail & Ecommerce

Slimstock’s retail solutions enable structural inventory optimization for Food, Fashion, and Non-Food businesses. We focus on the central warehouse, ecommerce sites, and automatic store replenishment. Our inventory optimization software, Slim4, coupled with our extensive retail experience ensures that our customer reaches their inventory goals: the right stock at the right time in the right shop!


In order to make the absolute most of the available production capacity, manufacturers depend upon a reliable supply chain. In make-to-stock environments, planning teams must be able to generate robust forecasts to ensure that the right products are made in the right volume as well and all of the required components are available at the right time.

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO)

For businesses in the MRO arena, providing customers with a reliable service is crucial. However, with extensive assortments and a high proportion of slow-moving articles, maintaining high levels of availability while keeping inventory costs under control can be a huge challenge. Our solutions help MRO businesses to maintain consistently high service levels while still keeping a tight hold on supply chain costs and investment in inventory.


Make informed inventory decisions based upon accurate forecasts developing through trusted & validated forecasting methods.

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Determine the optimal inventory level for every item within your assortment by basing decisions on clear and reliable analysis.

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Anticipate demand with greater accuracy, taking into account seasonality, trends, promotions and volatile sales patterns.

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Maximize sales opportunities while minimizing the risk of excess stock by adjusting stock levels in line with promotions.

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