Learn about the role of machine learning in inventory optimization


Over the last couple of decades, the supply chain's complexity has grown enormously. The matching of solutions with this complexity that will trade off between results and acceptance within the company is a challenge that motives many researchers and practitioners in the field of supply chain.

Steven Pauly, a research scientist at Slimstock, the leading software supplier in demand planning and forecasting, will provide answers on the following questions:

  • Machine learning: what is it?
    • What is machine learning;
    • The power and necessity of machine learning;
    • The biggest pitfall in machine learning.
  • Machine learning in practice
    • The future of machine learning;
    • The steps in a machine learning project;
    • Case strategy of Slimstock.
  • Machine learning: applications
    • Future machine learning applications at Slimstock;
    • Existing machine learning research in inventory management.


MARCH 22ND, 2019 – AT 2 PM ET

MARCH, 25TH, 2019- AT 3 PM ET