DEMAND PLANNING – How To Forecast for Chinese New Year

Minimize disruption from supplier closures with our handy infographic

As Covid-19 rumbles on, supply chain professionals now have another challenge on their horizon: Chinese New Year.

In 2021 Chinese New Year Festival will be celebrated February 11-17. Far East Suppliers will halt their production for this annual national holiday, SO THE TIME TO START PLANNING IS NOW!

Suppliers are still playing catchup from the pandemic. Because of this, backorders and customer demand remain volatile which means extra steps must be taken this year to prepare for what lies ahead.


To help you prepare for supplier closures, we have put together a simple infographic.

By following these milestones, you can ensure you have taken all the necessary steps to:

• Build robust demand forecasts
• Align sales, operations & the wider business
• Secure availability without over investing in inventory

Learn how to forecast for Chinese New Year with Slimstock

CLICK HERE for the full size How To Forecast for Chinese New Year infographic.

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