Supply Chain Game

Do you know exactly what impact your supply chain decisions will have? Each supply chain is characterized by its own combination of external factors which, if not considered carefully, can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your organization. By playing the Supply Chain Game, you will discover the importance of harnessing collaboration and transparency across the chain.

Why take this training session?

The supply chain simulator will provide you with insight into the importance of communication and the impact on whether or not information is shared effectively within the chain.

Learning goals


  • The importance of sharing information
  • What information is important for each party in the chain?


  • Understand how costs in the supply chain can be managed
  • Identify ways to share costs with supply chain partners


The training will take 1/2 day to complete. Coffee, tea and soft drinks will be provided.

Format of the program

After an initial round, two or three rounds will follow, each with different conditions
The final round is the final after which a winning team can be determined.


The Supply Chain Game is suitable for all employees involved in the supply chain. Participants could be "in-house" employees from one company or alternatively, different parties from across the chain. This program is not only for departments involved in logistics but also category managers and financial managers. Any knowledge of the company and the supply chain will be beneficial to the learning process.




Available On request