Masterclass Economic Order Quantity

This master class has been developed for tactical managers and planners who want to know how to achieve the optimum balance between ordering and inventory costs as well as how to apply this to "field".
In this masterclass, we explore the theory around EOQ as well as how you can get started with the calculation. The interactive nature of this program guarantees success!

Why take this training session?

Understand and apply the Economic Order Quantity formula. Interpret the numbers and identify if and when other variants of the formula can be used.

Learning goals

Economies Order Quantity

  • Fully understand the formula and its application
  • Identify several basic concepts of inventory costs
  • Understand the ordering process and associated costs
  • Interpret the numbers
  • Understand alternative calculations


This training program will take 1 day to complete. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and lunch will all be provided.

Format of the day

  • Exploring the EOQ formula and its applications
  • Identify different inventory costs: interest, space, and risk costs
  • Ordering processes and associated costs
  • Application of the formula
  • Examples of different article types and alternative calculations


The masterclass is for Purchasing, Logistics, and Supply Chain managers who are responsible for making ordering quantity decisions at tactical level or for preparing them. This program is at an HBO level and some statistical knowledge is required.




Free for full-service customers
For other participants: TBD