Supply chain research project: Inventory Power Index

Inventory Power Score

Benchmark your supply chain performance & see how you compare to Europe’s leading businesses 


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How do you compare to your competitors?

inventory power scoreAfter helping over 1200+ businesses to optimise their inventory, our team of supply chain experts have outlined three critical factors that set the best performing businesses apart:

  • Strategic Focus
  • Team Efficiency
  • Inventory Performance

By focusing on these 3 fundamentals, businesses typically see significant performance improvements across the entire supply chain!


As part of our supply chain research project, our team have put together a short survey to help benchmark your performance in these 3 key areas & identify new opportunities for optimisaiton.

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The survey will only take 5 mins of your time & as a thank you for completing the survey, you will receive a report with your results. Furthermore, once all the responses from you & your industry peers have been analysed, we will share a detailed benchmark you can use to minimise supply chain cost, maximise product availability & boost profitability. Complete the form below to start the survey now!