Sanitary & Climate

The distribution of Sanitary & Climate products has entered the world of 'wellness' and 'feel well' products. Product innovation in air-conditioning equipment, and in more efficient heating solutions, has grown tremendously. As a result, inventory management of both consumer products and that of the professional market has become complex. Therefore this industry requires a dynamic inventory management tool like Slim4.

B2B and B2C

Serving both the professional and consumer market with Slim4 as your backbone for inventory management. Showrooms, counter sales and multiple sales and inventory locations are easy to control in only one Slim4 system. Providing you with a clear view on the total inventory and sales in the organisation. With Slim4 it is easy to manage different sales channels, thereby using different business and inventory strategies for each channel.

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Slimstock offers companies the complete solution for the structural optimisation of their inventory.

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We only offer our Slim4 software to companies when we are absolutely positive on a return on investment.


With our 20th anniversary in 2013 and 600+ customers worldwide, we are without doubt the market leader.


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