Slimstock set to join forces with industry experts at E-commerce Excellence Oslo

Consumers purchase more products online than ever before. As a consequence, the role of e-commerce in retail has changed radically. Regardless of whether you are an omnichannel business or pure e-commerce player, you need to maximise the profitability of your operation!

Optimise your E-commerce operations

Following the success of the E-commerce Excellence conference in Denmark, Slimstock, along with partners including Apport Systems, Element Logic, Port Nord, Crenua and Rejlers Embriq will be hosting another E-commerce Excellence 2018 conference in Oslo next month.

Focusing on the hidden factors behind all successful e-commerce operations, this event will highlight the importance of well-functioning IT structure that enables the complete optimisation of warehouse and logistics processes.

Develop a more successful online retail operation

Unless you have complete control of your warehouse, you simply cannot deliver customer orders on time, nor can you handle the return of goods or any of the other important processes that are essential in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Throughout, this event, a range of industry experts will take the stage to share their experience of how to build more successful online retail operations that thieve in combination with your physical stores. Focusing on the importance of effective inventory management, Richard Evans, Managing Director at Slimstock UK will highlight how businesses can maximise availability while keeping supply chain costs under tight control!

Event Detail

Thursday 6 December 2018
DEG16 - Dronning Eufemias Gate 16, 0191 Oslo

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