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exion asia

Exion Asia

Find out how Exion Asia enhanced visibility & control to rebalance inventory throughout its network Distributing over 19,000 different SKUs…

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Fabory Header 2


Fabory is a multinational wholesaler of fasteners, whose strength lies in the breadth of its range. The central distribution …

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Schauren Feature Image


The growth ambitions of Schrauwen are evident across the business. In recent years, the technical wholesaler has doubled the …

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Bambigo Feature Image


Bamigo is an exclusive brand specialising in bamboo clothing. Sales are made exclusively through their webshop, directly to the …

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Jeroen de Haan, supply chain manager at Bouwmaat, explains how Slim4 offers a wealth of information that supply chain partners can…

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Broekhof Feature 2


As a result of steady growth, Broekhof were at risk of expanding beyond the capacity of their existing premises. With Slim4, the …

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Brymec Featureimage3 01


Dale Gardiner Commercial Director | Brymec Find out how Brymec optimised supply chain processes to attain a 99.6% service level…

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The online retail company Medpets is growing 35% per year and with the range expanding, good stock management became increasingly …

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Tennant Header

Tennant Company

With help from Slimstock’s inventory optimisation software solution, Slim4, Tennant has increased service levels by 96.5% to a …

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Rituals Header


Home and Body Cosmetics ‘brand’ Rituals, whose slogan is ‘luxury cosmetics at affordable prices’, has a clear goal: to …

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Wildkamp Header


Wildkamp offers a very varied range: from colossal drums and pipes of more than six meters long, to screws and rings of only a few…

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Van Oirschot

Van Oirschot

With help from Slim4, the Belgian heating & ventilation wholesaler, Van Oirschot, increased their service level at their …

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Bouw Centre Fillipo

BouwCenter Filippo

BouwCenter Filippo sets the bar high. They are a wholesaler that provides all that is necessary when building a house. As a …

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Medireva Header


As the business continued to enjoy consistent growth, keeping control of the inventory became an increasingly complicated …

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Lecot Header

Lecot Raedschelders

Optimise inventory levels and further improve availability: These were the main logistics goals when Lecot and Raedschelders …

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Mediq Header


Pharmaceutical supplier, Mediq, has implemented a new planning concept to optimise replenishment of their 250 strong chain of …

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Morplan Header


Since first launching in 1845, Morplan has grown to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the fashion and retail industry…

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Dennys Brands Header

Dennys Brands

As a business that was first established in the late 1800s, Dennys Brands has evolved from a single store in the heart of London …

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Newcakes Header


NewCakes offers end consumers and retailers a selection of over 5000 different baking products. Following several years of rapid …

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Supreme Imports Header

Supreme Imports

As the UK’s leading battery and lighting distributor, Supreme imports has built a reputation for providing customers with a …

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Raleigh Feature Image


As one of the world’s oldest and best-known British bike brands, Raleigh sets the standard in bike and cycling accessories. …

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Hafele Header


As one of the industry’s most innovative manufacturer and distributors of furniture fittings, accessories, architectural …

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Aqualisa Header


Through the continued introduction of revolutionary shower products, Aqualisa has embarked upon an ambitious growth path to …

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Rober Welch Header

Robert Welch

Major retailers, 5 star hotels and restaurants, first class airline passengers and even those dining at Number 10 Downing Street …

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