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Coach House

As a business at the forefront of the British home décor industry, Coach House have specialised in importing and selling design-…

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J&S Automotive Distributors

With over 260,000 SKUs, J&S Automotive is one of the largest distributors of premium parts, tools and automotive …

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As a leader in supply chain traceability, high-street fashion retailers and global manufacturers depend on Byways Group to keep …

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Elis Header


As a business that has been at the forefront of the industry for over 100 years, Elis sets the standard in textile, laundry and …

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DBD Distribution

DBD Distribution has grown from a family-run operation to become one of the largest providers of appliances and kitchen solutions …

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Van Leeuwen Wheeler Header

Van Leeuwen Wheeler

Van Leeuwen Wheeler, division of the manufacturer and distributor of pipes Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group, is the leading …

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Smart Garden Products Header 2

Smart Garden Products

With a growth rate in excess of 400% over the last 5 years, Smart Garden Products (SGP) has bucked the industry trend to become …

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Eng Soon Automotive Header

Eng Soon Auto

Eng Soon Auto is the leading distributor of genuine and OEM BMW & MINI automotive parts in Singapore. Following the successful…

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Adagio Header

Adagio Group

As a distributor and retailer, Adagio Group understands the importance of maintaining an optimal level of inventory to maximise …

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Europastry Header


Europastry is world renowned in the bakery and pastry sector. Committed to the frozen categories for over 30 years, the pastry …

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Brouwland Header


Starting out as a pharmacy and drugstore in 1972, over the last few decades Brouwland has grown to become one of Europe’s most …

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Izico Food Group Header

Izico Food Group

After completing a number of major acquisitions, Izico, took the strategic decision to centralise planning of both its factories …

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Quaker Chemical Header

Quaker Chemical

With an already impressive service level, the Brazilian plant turned to Slimstock to help them further advance their operations. …

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With rapid growth across all of their European branches, the team at Hendi had lost sight of their inventory position. With Slim4…

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Nussing Header


In order to better manage slow-moving articles and improve the efficiency of the ordering process, hardware dealer, Nussing, …

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Kvik Header


Over the last few years, Kvik has experienced significant growth and shows no sign of slowing. While growth has always been the …

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A.c. Entertainment Header

A.C. Entertainment

A.C. Entertainment Technologies has its origins in the early 1970s and is a leading international provider of cutting-edge …

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Hordijk Header


The right stock, optimised batch sizes and peace on the factory floor; that is what the packaging manufacturer, Hordijk strived …

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Tile Group Header

Tile Group Netherlands

Tile Group Netherlands is the market leading supplier of tiles in the Netherlands. With six different outlet brands, the company, …

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Nrf Header

NRF: The Netherlands Radiator Factory

NRF is one of the leading distributors of heat exchangers and spare parts. The entire European market is supplied with radiators, …

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Flowtech Header


Flowtechnology is the “Premier” catalogue provider for Fluid Power and Industrial products within the UK and the Republic of …

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Since its establishment in 1947, Lasaulec B.V has been a leading technical wholesaler. “Throughout our extensive internal …

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Kramp Header

Kramp Group

The Kramp Group operates internationally and has three business units: Kramp Agri, Kramp Industry, and Kramp Forest & …

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Poole Lighting Header

Poole Lighting

Poole Lighting offers its customers the complete lighting supply chain package; OEM design, direct delivery to customer stores or …

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