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Smart inventory optimization Deliver exceptional customer experiences & more substantial margins

Attain the perfect balance between high product availability and minimized supply chain cost. Gain instant inventory insights to ensure the right stock, in the right place, at the right time.

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Our customers typically attain the following results:


Stock Turn improvement


Availability improvement


Service level improvement


Reduced obsolescence

“We now have visibility over how our day-to-day inventory decisions impacted the wider business. As a result, total inventory days have been reduced from 140 days to just 127. Ultimately, Slim4 has played a key role in helping us to realise our growth ambition.”
Luc Belaiche
Operations Director | Collingwood Lighting
“We now have a robust planning framework that supports collaboration. With all the information we need available at our fingertips, we have much greater insight into our inventory requirements. This means we can automate the inventory planning process for the vast majority of our assortment.”
Justin Ashton
Supply Chain Manager | Roper Rhodes

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