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Published in Download - 24 June 2019


Launching a new product comes with great risk. Even if the product launch is a success, if the company fails to determine the customer demand for the product then you could face a massive disaster. So what can you do to rationalize the decision-making process in order to commit to a new product introduction with confidence?
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Published in Download - 28 May 2019


Supplier closures are disruptive at the best of times. However, as your suppliers down tools to enjoy a well-deserved summer break, your business could become dangerously exposed to lengthy lead times, delays and even stock outs. What can you do to maintain a harmonious operation during what could be an extremely volatile time for your
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Published in Download - 24 March 2019

Machine Learning in Stock Optimization

We cannot ignore it. The complexity of supply chains has increased exponentially in recent years. Whereas once upon a time, a good business strategy alone would be enough to compete, overcoming complexity is now what ultimately sets a business apart from its competitors; a trend which will only become more prevalent in the coming years.
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Published in Download - 04 March 2019

The power of service levels on profitability

“I need a 100% service level” – a typical expectation of both management and commercial departments. Purchasing & operational divisions, however, have a much better understanding of service levels and appreciate that attaining 100% is a utopia. In practice, determining an appropriate service level is an extremely complicated undertaking.  OPTIMISE YOUR SERVICE LEVELS For many
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Published in Download - 17 April 2018

The EOQ formula from theory to practice in 7 steps

Owning, maintaining, and managing inventory costs a lot of effort and money. However, you need to have enough in stock to deliver customer service: no inventory, no deal. This paper provides you with the basic knowledge you need for the optimization of your order quantities. Ordering the right quantities will lower your operational expenses while
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Published in Download - 16 April 2018

Fully Optimize Your Working Capital Management

Working capital fuels your business, but it can be easily eroded. The more inventory you have in stock, the less working capital you have available. Further, the higher the risk that that inventory will become dead stock, meaning it will never contribute to your bottom line at all. Utilizing a structured approach to your working
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