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Transparent pricing to guarantee an awesome ROI

Because lasting partnerships are not built on the small print

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Bank-on a rapid return with flexible pricing to fit your exact requirements

Driven by actionable insights, your team will attain significant availability improvements within just one lead-time of go-live. By eliminating planning errors and firefighting, costly airfreight and excess stock will quickly become a thing of the past. Furthermore, with scalable pricing based on the number of locations and inventory value, you only pay for what you need to optimize your inventory and processes.

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Money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee.

With over 1200 customers across the globe, our goal is to continue to grow. But we only want to engage with businesses where we can genuinely add value. Therefore, if you do not see the benefits of Slim4 within six months of go-live, we are happy to offer a full refund on the license or SaaS fee.

Flexible deployment

With a range of deployment options available, we guarantee a pain-free implementation.

Deployed as either a complete SaaS solution or purchased outright, we offer various delivery options to fit your budget. Furthermore, Slim4 can be installed on-premises, on your cloud or fully hosted to complement your IT infrastructure.

Implementation & support

True supply chain experts deliver our proven implementation methodology.

Our consultants have first-hand experience of the inventory challenges you face. As a result, our delivery team offers the knowledge and expertise required to ensure your project is successful. Furthermore, with over 150 project completions every year, we are constantly improving our implementation process.

Abs All Brake Systems

“Thanks to Slim4, the risk of obsolescence has been reduced to nil.”

Wouter Kothuis

Operations Director | ABS All Brake Systems