Work More Efficiently

Slim4 works according to the Management by Exception principle: the daily exception report. Slim4 gives an automatic notification when an article needs extra attention. This way you can respond to developments in time and:

  • Prevent materials from becoming out of stock
  • Avoid unmarketable stocks

The total solution for efficient inventory management

Slim4 provides pro-active stock management, whereby the 'extinguishing of fires' is a thing of the past. This leaves more time for things that matter. Based on automatically generated information from Slim4, your stock planners, together with your suppliers and customers, can actively work on structural improvements to the inventory management process. With the help of the different modules from Slim4 such as ABC and the Order Generator, you can make better assortment decisions, and you can generate purchase orders faster.

Solutions to help your business thrive and grow

Slimstock offer many solutions that can help your business today.


Published in News - 04 March 2019

Inventory management roundtable throws up new ideas and strategies

Last week Slimstock hosted its inaugural inventory management roundtable in Canada at The Hilton Hotel, Burlington. Meant as a platform for networking of like-minded professionals and sharing of strategies around the science of inventory management, the event was insightful and intimate, attended by practitioners, decision makers and business owners. Chaired and moderated by Slimstock, the
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Published in News - 20 December 2018

Retail planning software: The time for change is now

One of Slimstock’s Retail experts, Stefan Kooijmans, acknowledges that retailers across Europe, North America and South America struggle with the same issues; fierce competition, increasing price sensitivity due to growing transparency and pressure to shift to an Omni-channel retailing model.  “Retailers need to make difficult decisions when it comes to Omni-channel retailing, but they often
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Published in News - 20 December 2018

Wolseley Canada added to Slimstock’s rapidly growing list of North American clients

Plumbing and HVAC supplier, Wolseley Canada, selects Slimstock to improve in-stock performance for clients. Slimstock, a global leader in providing inventory optimization software, today announced they will be supporting Wolseley Canada’s effort to re-engineer sales and operation planning processes to ensure optimum performance from over 220 stocking locations. Slimstock’s implementation consultants will partner with Wolseley
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