Slimstock was founded back in 1993, and ever since then the evolution of Slim4 – our proven inventory optimization software - has been at our core. As a company that prides itself on customer retention, we listen to our customers’ feedback on how to improve our product. What they’ve told us is that in today’s fast-changing technological landscape, they needed Slim4 to have more forecasting and inventory management features than ever. We took this to heart, and are proud to announce the latest version of our flagship software – Slim4 Web.

In this article, we’ll explain how we at Slimstock have worked through a significant redesign of our software.

Slim4 was designed as an expert system

Twenty-five years ago, the first version of Slim4 was created by people who worked in supply & demand planning with the end-user in mind. As communication and business best practices have evolved over the ensuing years, organizations have grown bigger. They now cover more markets and have an ever-increasing size of assortment. People have also started to work differently, often working from home or a coffee shop, and using a wide array of devices. This has created a need for software that is accessible from anywhere, scalable, focused on workflows and exceptions, and – most importantly - is easy to use on any device.


Slim4 Web is the product of rigorous research and development by Slimstock, with the help of specialists in artificial intelligence and inventory management experts. This new version is based on Web technology and is accessible through all modern-day browsers and on any device. This new web client allows both managers and users to access their KPI’s and workflows anytime, anywhere, on an easy to navigate dashboard updated in real-time.


The new Slim4 Web client introduces enhanced functionality for workflow-driven exception management and has more natural workflow creation for users to find the items that require attention. The new client also benefits from a more straightforward and more intuitive user interface and features an app to review your primary KPIs.


Because it’s a 100% online solution, the Slim4 Web is always up to date. A new version of the Web client is released every three weeks and can be deployed automatically. This allows customers quick access to the latest developments in AI and machine learning for demand planning, supply planning and inventory optimization. Our dedicated support staff is always available to ensure everyone can take full advantage of the improvements and ensure users have instant access to new functionality designed to make their lives easier.


The Slim4 Web solution is an easy upgrade that can be used alongside the current Slim4 client and does not require a separate implementation. This allows companies to explore the Web client at their own pace without any risks to their critical business processes.

If you are interested to see a demo of the new tool, feel free to contact us!