Reliable inventory reporting & simulation with Slim4

In order to make informed tactical and strategic decisions as well to constantly monitor performance, businesses depend upon reliable reporting processes. However, in order to ensure that everyone receives reliable insight into the information that they require while still ensuring that decision-making is consistent across the organization, businesses must have just one source of truth.

Interactive dashboard: take control of your workload

In order to maximize the efficiency of the planning team, it is vital that everyone has clear insight over their own workload in order to identify where things are going to well as well as what areas require further attention. The intelligent dashboard within Slim4 provides supply chain teams with up-to-date information enabling them to remain proactive and take immediate action as and when it is required:

  • Filter on specific selections to drill down into data and go beyond simple averages to gain greater focus
  • Provide visibility over all major metrics: availability, stock turn & excess stock

Key performance indicators (KPI): stay on track to achieve the corporate goals

To ensure that day to day processes and decisions contribute towards the overall corporate objectives, KPIs provide supply chain teams a target to aim for. Slim4 has been designed and built to help businesses realize their supply chain objectives through providing transparency over KPIs:

  • KPI indicators based on a range of objectives including: availability, stock turn & excess stock
  • Up-to-date data reporting to enable planners to take immediate action

Performance monitoring: instantly understand your inventory situation

Supply chain teams typically operate in dynamic environments. To ensure management have constant visibility over the performance of their team, Slim4’s powerful web-based reporting capability ensures any-time-access to all key metrics:

  • Most KPI’s shown as per today
  • Analyze stock position both historically and future projections
  • Insight accessible any-time online

What-if simulations & scenario planning: explore the challenges that lie ahead

Deciding how best to meet the needs of your customers is something which requires considerable thought. Given that there are a range of influences, both internal and external, that can change in the business environment, it important that the impact of these factors on the future stock position is fully understood:

  • Explore impact of changes in service level, order quantity and replenishment cycles
  • Analyze the impact of pursuing an inventory level target

Inventory insights & Analytics

To make informed inventory decisions, business must have a complete understanding of demand. However, given that demand for an item could be made up of anything from a huge number of small customer orders to just a single big order from one customer, planning teams can’t rely on averages based on aggregated demand. Slim4 helps businesses optimize their approach to inventory management through providing insight into “true” demand at a customer level:

  • Based on historic transactional data, Slim4 allows businesses to distinguish between customers and optimize inventory accordingly
  • Identify which customers are of the highest strategic importance and understand which items matter to them most
  • Utilize customer analysis make more informed stocking decisions and define more appropriate service levels

Customer analytics: understand the needs of your customers

Given that supply chain data is used as the basis for decision making across the business, supply chain teams must be able to create reports quickly and reliably. As an open source database, Slim4 makes extracting data painlessly simple:

  • Easily feed your BI-environment with all the necessary supply chain data from Slim4 including forecast, purchase forecast, out of stock etc.
  • Standard or specially configured reports ensure you are able to generate the reports your business requires


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