Driving on the Bumpy Road of Automotive Supply Chain

Agile and robust inventory management is your best bet against the complex and competitive conditions of the auto market.

From our start in 1993, Slimstock has helped close to 1,000 business owners, and large companies manage their inventory better, including hundreds in the auto industry. Because of the large number of items which can’t be handled manually, the auto industry has always been at the forefront of inventory optimization. Slim4 - our advanced inventory management and forecasting solution - works with hundreds of different ERPs, making us the ideal partner for auto companies worldwide.

In light of recent macroeconomic changes and the global nature of the automotive aftermarket industry, we at Slimstock Canada have decided to highlight how optimizing inventory can lead to competitive advantage in the Canadian market. We looked through the work we have done with the likes of


   Drive Products        Yuasa      Auto Camping

and curated a few of our best stories, interviews and blog posts to share our experience.

To help bring these stories to life, we created a composite company called UNIVERSAL EXPORTS, and we hope that by following their ups and downs you can learn more about how to succeed in this demanding industry.

Let’s roll...