Masterclass Forecasting Inventory Process

Are you a tactical manager or planner that would like to know how a service level of over 99% can be achieved? Furthermore, would you like to know which items in the assortment should such high service level targets and why? Do you have insight into the revenue split of your main customers and suppliers and do you know what the impact would be if there was a change in either party?

This master class will provide you with all the answers to the questions above. Once applied in practice, your entire organization will benefit from a more effective inventory process: ensuring a more harmonious relationship with both customer and suppliers.

Why take this course?

Align the entire supply chain to achieve the optimal inventory situation. Understand the importance of stocking a particular item as well as the importance of this item to your supplier.

Learning goals

  • The position of your items in the chain
  • ABC / XYZ Classifications
  • Recognize the different parties involved in assortment decisions


The training will take place over 1 day. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and lunch are provided.

Format of the day

  • ABC / XYZ Analysis
  • Assortment matrix
  • Determining service levels
  • Communication across the supply chain
  • Interpretation of data


The master class is aimed at managers and tactical employees who are responsible for supply chain relationships. The Masterclass is at HBO Level




Free for full-service customers
For other participants: TBD