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Ca 8 Promises Canadian Team

The beauty of supply chain management is that, you can always improve.

After 30 years of innovation, we are still learning every day.

Learn how you can improve

The secret of our success…

To guarantee our customers enjoy fantastic results, we treat our relationships like a marriage. Backed by our eight promises, we are in this for the long haul and always strive to build lasting partnerships.

Promise #1

We will make you outperform

Our 8 Promises 1

To be competitive, you need a winning supply chain.

Supply chain performance is an important part of how your customers perceive your service. Therefore, it is our mission to help create winning supply chains.

Promise #2

We guarantee an ROI of less than one year

Our 8 Promises 2

You can return it, if you don’t like it

We only start a project to provide a ‘Return On Investment’ in less than 12 months. As a result, we’ll improve your customer service, reduce inventory and lower operating costs.

Promise #3

We design software people love working with

Our 8 Promises 3

Software should seamlessly support people & processes

We put a lot of R&D effort into enhancing our functionalities. But even more, it is spent in enabling you to make better and faster decisions.

Promise #4

We provide you with the latest innovations

Our 8 Promises 4

Don’t settle for second best

New insights like AI and Machine Learning are seamlessly blended into our solution. This results in superfast, semi-autonomous decision-making. But you’re still in control.

Promise #5

We help you reduce your footprint

Our 8 Promises 5

Make the effort to reduce waste

By optimizing supply chains, we can significantly reduce waste and, subsequently, our carbon footprint. It is exciting to see our customers step up to make a difference.

Promise #6

Our academy is free to our customers

Our 8 Promises 6

In order to win you need to train

Training is essential to improve performance. This is why we decided to open up our academy to our customers for free. All you have to invest is your time.

Promise #7

We actively connect you with our network

Our 8 Promises 7

The best lessons come from your peers

Every time we do a project, we learn something new. We actively share these learnings and insights with our customers.

Promise #8

We deliver as promised

Our 8 Promises 8

Every customer should be a reference

We deliver over 150 new projects per year. Our implementation method ensures projects are delivered on time, on budget and with results as promised.