Slimstock block model: The practical method for inventory optimisation (webinar)

Slimstock block model: The practical method for inventory optimisation (webinar)

Building Block

With the right strategy in place, you can transform you inventory management process into a profit-making machine. As experts in demand forecasting and inventory optimisation, here at Slimstock, we have developed the block model for operational excellence; a practical step-by-step process that will allow you to optimise your entire approach to inventory management without the need for any software.

In this webinar, Colin explains how you can implement this practical method within your organisation. With a focus on the following points, this webinar will leave you with new ideas to minimise supply chain cost, eliminate waste and boost your profitability!

Inventory optimisation as a competitive advantage

1. Assortment management
Effective assortment management is the basis for inventory optimisation. However, to achieve this, you must under two critical factors;

  • What products in your assortment should be stocked Vs. non-stocked
  • How should you differentiate the way you manage every product within your assortment
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2. Master data control
In order to optimally control your inventory, it is vital that you master data is correct and up to date. In this webinar, we will explore the importance of keeping your data ‘clean’ including; physical stock levels, demand transactions, sales prices, supplier calendar, delivery times, minimum purchase quantities…

3. Parameter setting
There are a large number of parameters that directly affect safety stock levels: order frequency, service level, presentation stock … But how can you fine-tune these parameters to protect customer service levels without holding excessive levels of inventory?

4. Inventory management
In this phase, we pay attention to the economic order quantity (EOQ), phase-in / phase-out and Slimstock’s 6 box model.

5. Supply chain management
Once you have implemented the 4 previous phases, your house will be in order. Now you can start to optimise the entire supply chain. The key here is collaboration with customers and suppliers.

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