Demand Planning Recession

Supply Chain Stability in the era of Volatility: how to boost the customer experience with dynamic service levels

Thursday 20-04-2023
2-2.30 pm EST
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Slimstock North America

We are already a few weeks in on the year 2023…

And no one knows what’s in store….hence it’s the year of unknown.

As the US faces higher interest, gas prices, and an emerging recession, it is crucial to prepare your supply chain for the ever-changing landscape of 2023.

Join us for the third webinar in our 4-part webinar series as we explore what steps you can take to overcome the challenges and exploit the opportunities that lie ahead. Learn about how to best identify and solve demand and supply planning issues stemming from these uncertain times.

To improve customer satisfaction, you need to be able to identify gaps in the customer experience lie and take proactive steps to fix them.

Sometimes this means finding out through your own analysis. However, often it means learning about those gaps directly from your customers. That’s because true customer satisfaction comes ensuring your customers feel they are listened to, understood, and valued.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Identify and prioritize areas for improvement.
  2. Utilize service level targets to increase customer satisfaction through securing better availability

The session will be led by a team of experts from the industry, including a Moderator, a Subject Matter Expert, and a Product Specialist.



Meet Your Speakers

Dennis Weir

Business Development Executive


Ryan Shanks

Solution Architect


Brad Dennison

Division General Manager US


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