“Slimstock has always provided me all the support I require to advance within my role.”

Sam Phipps

Last updated: April 17, 2023
Sam Phipps

As Europe’s leading inventory management specialist, Slimstock’ supply chain positions place a huge focus on developing up and coming talent: a key part of which is the company’s Young Professionals Programme. This intensive development scheme is designed to help young professionals gain exposure to the real-life challenges that supply chain industry professionals are faced with on a daily basis.

Since joining the team in December 2014, Diogo Forte has been working as a young professional in the United Kingdom. As a consultant, Diogo’s role involves supporting the supply chain operations of some of the UK’s leading businesses. During this interview, Diogo discusses how his career has developed since he successfuly attained one of the industries top graguate supply chain positions.

You have now been with Slimstock for over 2 years, what have been your highlights?

At Slimstock, every single day presents a different set of challenges and opportunities. Being able to go back and see a daily progression in both my personal and business skills is without doubt the biggest highlight for me.

Can you describe a typical working day?

A typical working day for me at this stage of my career consists of going out to visit customers on-site to provide on-the-job training and guidance – both in relation to our inventory management software, Slim4, as well as for general supply chain tasks such as analysing forecasts, planning or placing orders with suppliers.

When I am in the office, I spend most of my time sharing the knowledge obtained from working closely with customers, analysing new and improved ways of utilising the software and carrying out business analysis for any prospect or customers interested in taking their productivity to the next level.

How has your role at Slimstock evolved?

During the initial stages of my Slimstock career, I spent most of my time accompanying our senior consultants out in the field to get a better understanding of the software and our vast customer base. Furthermore, due to my ability of the technical side of the role, I was frequently asked to assist in analysis conducted for prospective customers.

For me, this highlights on of the most important traits Slimstock offers as a company; to actively encourage members of the team to express themselves and delve into any topics or areas where they feel they can make an immediate contribution! With all the experience I have gained from my time at Slimstock so far, I now spend nearly 90% of my time supporting existing customers though medium and long term improvement projects.

What has been the biggest challenge since joining the team? How did you overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was fighting the unavoidable reluctance most supply chain departments have on taking advice from a young consultant. However, this proved to be easily manageable through the unbelievable support structure at Slimstock. As a company, Slimstock understand that supply chain management is an industry where experience is seen as the most important skill to have, and so, colleagues go out of their way to make sure younger, less experienced staff are always exposed to as many businesses and clients as possible.

I now feel respected as a consultant wherever I go. Slimstock has provided me with the right environment to truly feel like I am worthy of having the title of consultant and analyst.

How has Slimstock supported your development?

From the very first day, Slimstock has opened every possible door to enable all team members to go and obtain more knowledge. Whether this be through an online course, or arranging a visit to any of the other Slimstock offices around the world, Slimstock has always provided me all the support I require to advance within my role. The supply chain positions at Slimstock are second to none in terms of development oppurutnities!

While this is true to all employees, it is, even more, the case for Young Professionals, for which Slimstock has a structured programme to develop skills in all major parts of the job including consultancy, sales, technical & marketing.

Since starting my role here, I have taken part in activities such as online group discussions, international knowledge sharing meetings and training sessions. Slimstock has a strong belief that a promising career begins with a strong base of soft skills, and therefore, provides every employee with as much interaction with active and prospective customers as possible.

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