Is Inventory Biting Into Your Profitability?

Ciaran Lumsden

Last updated: June 12, 2023
Ciaran Lumsden

Is Inventory Biting Into Your Profitability?

Some companies feel like a fish out of water when it comes to inventory optimisation.

How do you ensure that you have enough stock to meet demand?

How can you ensure your stock decision is based on a reliable forecast?

How do you get complete transparency over your inventory?

Well, we’re going to let the cat out of the bag…

6 Challenges that supply chain directors need to overcome

As a nation of pet-lovers, demand for pet food and accessories continues to soar.

However, with volatile supply, spiralling costs & rapidly evolving market conditions, businesses in this space have their work cut out for them.

Supply chain directors must address 6 key pain points:

Non-dynamic forecast

Only looking backwards = constantly incorrect forecasts


No exception management = total loss of efficiency 

Working capital

Costs tied up in the worn inventory = poor stock turn


Reliant on spreadsheets = high risk & zero robustness

Excess stock

Excess stock = high risk of obsolescence


Stockouts = lost sales

Adopt a more proactive approach to inventory management

How can I overcome these challenges?

The answer is quite simple – stop relying on cumbersome Excel spreadsheets or an ERP system to manage your inventory.

Start using a purpose-built inventory optimisation solution instead!

Results within just 3 months of going live


better efficiency


better stock availability


sales increase


fewer stockouts

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The man-hours required to support the ordering process have been reduced by 80%. As a result, we have more time to optimise other areas of our supply chain; something which had proved invaluable to maintain the supply of our key lines during the ongoing supply chain disruption.

Dave Groombridge

Operations Manager | Pioneer Veterinary products
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