How to avoid flushing your profits

Ciaran Lumsden

Last updated: June 12, 2023
Ciaran Lumsden

Shower your customers with timely deliveries

The UK Bathroom market grew 15% in 2021. This, in comparison to a dip of 16% in 2020, was no doubt a welcome deep cleanse for your profit margins.

But has volatility created an unwelcome u-bend in your supply chain performance?

You’re not alone. An unsettled market brings lower availability, working capital issues and work overload.

In the last few years, we’ve helped customers like Ideal Bathrooms, Ultra Finishing & Roper Rhodes keep their supply chain in tip top shape. Together, we’ve achieved:



Efficiency increase


stock-out reduction


sales increase


inventory reduction

How can we help you?


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Accurate Forecasting & Demand Planning

Slim4 is your complete platform for supply chain planning. Including demand forecasting, replenishment, promotion planning and inventory optimisation.

In other words, everything you need to put your customers on the throne.

Powered by Machine Learning, Slim4’s powerful forecasting engine automatically works around seasonality, product lifecycle & emerging trends to give you robust demand insights.



Dynamic Assortment planning

Gain greater insight into the performance of every SKU in your product range. Take control of your assortment to eliminate risk, cut costs and unlock working capital. And even automatically realign inventory levels to hit your desired service level targets, if bronze toilets become a bit last season.

Slim4 can help you rationalise assortment decisions with data-driven insights and minimise risk in the product lifecycle to improve availability and stop waste like turning off a tap.

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Proactive Supply chain Collaboration

Your internal teams need as much power as the showers you sell. Not the dribble of information your competitors put up with.

Align your entire supply chain with advanced technology that supports fast, easy & controlled information sharing. Quickly identify growth opportunities in your business. Optimise investment of working capital in your assortment & distribution network and realise your wider business goals.

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