Inventory vs supply webinar: How can you align your operations to exceed the expectations of your customer?

Sam Phipps

Last updated: March 21, 2023
Sam Phipps

Even if you are 100% confident that that numbers add up and your forecast is as accurate as possibly can be, when it comes to actually satisfying demand this is simply not enough. After all, do you have enough stock to meet demand? If not, will your suppliers be able to deliver enough stock in time? More importantly, what do you do if they can’t? Through harnessing collaborative forecasting your business can become better positioned to fulfil customer orders, on time and in full!

Put simply, a carefully considered forecast is just one piece of a very complicated puzzle. In order to ensure that your operation capable of executing customer orders, this requires a great deal of insight from across the business. So what steps can you adopt today to enhance internal collaboration, identify supply issues as early as possible, improve supplier performance levels and, ultimately, best position your organisation to satisfy the needs of your customers?

As part of our 5 steps to supply chain success series, we are holding a special webinar focusing on how you can align inventory and supply with the demands of your customers. Join inventory management experts, Joseph Prosser & Rob Crellin, as they demonstrate how both your business and your customers can benefit from establishing a more collaborative demand process.

This concise webinar will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to overcome the following challenges:

  • Analysing stock projections and future order requirements
  • Sharing purchase forecasts with suppliers
  • Proactively identify & resolve supplier issues
  • Investigate supplier performance
  • Analyse stock-on hand to pinpoint potential issues
  • Determine & agree on next steps to further optimise the entire inventory management process

Watch the collaborative forecasting video now!

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