Infographic: An epic expedition around the bicycle industry

Sam Phipps

Last updated: April 17, 2023
Sam Phipps

With the Tour de France approaching, team GB continue to inspire cyclists all over the UK. With Team GB’s triumph over the last few years, it seems more and more of us are getting back on the saddle. However, as Brexit jitters take hold and the Government forges ahead with a major initiative to double the uptake of cycling by 2025, the next few years will be no easy ride for the bicycle industry! To explore the challenges that lie ahead, we have embarked upon an epic tour of the bicycle supply chain.

With so many factors to contend with, what challenges should retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers prioritise in order to keep up with the huge anticipated growth in the industry?

As part our epic tour around the bicycle industry, we have identified the biggest hurdles that businesses across the bicycle supply chain must overcome in order to stay ahead of the pack. From managing inventory across a growing number of channels to responding to ever-more demanding customer expectations, in order to endure the challenges that lie ahead, businesses must strive to ensure their operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

Starting from the perspective of retailers and etailers, our tour begins with the challenging nature of managing complex retail environments before factoring the impact of shirnking product lifecycles. The next stage looks at the uphill struggle faced by wholesalers and distributors. The final leg of our three stage tour encompasses explore the difficulty manufacturers have in forecasting demand.

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