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Here at Slimstock, we've spent over 25 years dedicated exclusively to inventory optimising. What does this mean? Over 25 years worth of efforts focused on continuous improvement in forecasting, demand planning, and inventory management. Our specialised services and products, delivered by our local supply chain experts, make Slimstock the leading company in the Inventory Optimisation software and consultancy market.

In the past 25 years we have helped almost 1.000 customers worldwide

Our culture of customer service, accompanied by state-of-the-art software, guarantees the success of each project. Equipped with our latest generation software, compatible with any ERP on the market or developed in-house, Slimstock consultants are there with you. We provide an all-encompassing customer service experience which includes support, coaching, and analysis, for your peace of mind and success.

We offer a transversal service of professionals at your service, which includes support, coaching, and analysis. All accompanied by the flexibility of our latest generation software, adaptable to all ERP in the market.

  • Guaranteed ROI (return on investment) within one year
  • Service oriented with 96% customer retention rate
  • We adapt to the needs of your company
  • Latest generation software, integrated with all ERP
  • Consistent, free updates of our software

Slimstock is a global company focused on local nuances and expertise in Supply Chain Management, providing our Slim4 software and supply chain consultancy services to a diverse range of customers around the world. We've struck the perfect balance between international best practices and local knowledge of your business. Professional experts are ready to help you locally.

  • Global knowledge with local results
  • Experts consultants in each industry
  • Local professionals visiting on premise
  • Local references customers and reputation

At Slimstock we are a long-term partner committed to the success of our customers. Stemming from our Slim4 software solution, we accompany the entire process of Inventory Optimisation, with specialised consultancy. Helpdesk technical support and constant training in the area of Supply Chain Management. We also host regular events and training completely free for our customers.

  • Partners throughout the whole optimisation process
  • Events and training freely avialable for our customers
  • Research, whitepapers and more freely available
  • Free updates of our software systems
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