With Slim4 as the backbone for inventory management, your organisation is better able to offer your customers optimal service: 'On Time, In Full, No Error & No Contact (OTIFNENC)'.

With an optimal service level, your business can ensure that customers receive unrivaled levels of service:

  • The number of back orders is minimal
  • Do not disappoint customers by out of stocks (no-sell)
  • You benefit from a maximum margin

This results in an overall improvement of the ROI.

Desire level of service

The success of a supply chain depends heavily on the extent to which a company can achieve the desired level of service at every step of the inventory process. High availability of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products must be guaranteed against optimum inventory costs. Through differentiating service levels, you can ensure that the most important items, locations, and customers receive a consistently high level of service.

Besides, you reduce inventory costs by holding less inventory of items with little demand. With the help of Slim4, the service level can be set per article, per location. The result: happier customers while simultaneously reducing supply chain costs.

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