Slimstock at New Retail 19

New Retail 2019 – MCEC Melbourne

From 25 to 27 February Slimstock exhibited on the New Retail ’19 event that took place at the MCEC in Melbourne. As Slimstock is still relatively new to the Australian market, it was a great opportunity to get in contact with many retailers, not only from Australia but from the entire Pacific region.

It was a great success and very interesting, because many companies in the Australian retail world are in a big transformation process to innovate their processes, mainly driven by the upcoming e-commerce market and competition from overseas entering the Australian market. Especially the big distances within the country and between the cities in combination with increasingly demanding customers make e-commerce in Australia very challenging, therefore a company’s supply chain structure plays a major role in the success of a company. Whether you want to stay ahead of the competition or want to respond faster to the market, Slimstock can help you to improve and align the processes concerning forecasting and inventory management.