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Integral inventory management software

Do you have the feeling you lost control over your stock? It's time for integral inventory management software, the solution for forecasting, demand planning, and inventory control. Do you see your inventory costs rapidly increasing and therefore your available working capital decreasing? Slim4, the inventory management software solution of Slimstock, makes sure you get your stock management, forecasting, and demand planning back in control. Allowing you to reduce your inventory value and increase the service level towards your customers at the same time. Making sure the companies’ supply chain strategy is in line with the overall strategy.

Our inventory management software is designed and built to be seamlessly integrated with any ERP system. With Slim4, we help almost a thousand organisations worldwide to manage their inventory. We support them to make sure the right amount of stock is available at the right place at the right time. Do you want to find the right balance between working capital, operational costs and an optimal service level towards your customers? Slim4 is the solution for you.

What are the advantages of our inventory management software, Slim4?

  • Reduce stockouts by 50%
  • Increase availability
  • Reduce inventory levels by up to 30%
  • Increase the efficiency of the planning team by 50%
  • Guaranteed ROI within one year

Creating a reliable forecast for each item

A good decision needs a reliable forecast. Our inventory management software (Slim4) analyses the historic sales of each item using statistically proven methodologies and techniques. Based on the historic sales, the system automatically calculates a forecast for the companies’ inventory. Slim4 takes seasonal patterns, trends in demand, customer forecasts, and so forth into account. Making sure inventory planners have a clear insight into future demand. As a result, they can anticipate much better.

Slimstock's inventory management software is based on the 'Management by Exception'  philosophy. By giving warnings and showing outliers the system redirects the attention of the planners to the items which need attention. Therefore it will lead to more efficient and effective inventory management. For the majority of your assortment, our inventory management software will give you a reliable forecast, meaning that these items do not require any attention from the planner. The remaining minority of the assortment deviates from the expectation. As a result, Slim4 will give insight into the historical deviations, incidental sales, trends and differentiating sales patterns.

Optimal safety stock

Slim4 calculates the optimal safety stock and corresponding order levels. This is based on the forecasted demand and relevant factors like minimum order levels and desired service levels. The desired service levels can be applied based on an ABC analysis. By doing so, we can ensure that the most important items have the highest service levels.

Do you have multiple warehouses across Australia and/or other countries? Our inventory management software Slim4 enables you to calculate the optimal order-level per location. As a result, the transfers between warehouse locations will be significantly reduced.

Creating optimal purchase orders

Based on the order levels and safety stock, the system generates the optimal purchase orders. It takes into account criteria such as minimum order levels, lead times, supplier reliability and container sizes. Leading to inventory and supply chain optimisation within the company as you will reduce inventory days and increase the service level towards your customers.

Furthermore, our inventory management software can provide you with quick overviews. These overviews give you more insight into your company’s performance in the area of inventory management with reporting and simulations. Overviews can be created for specific product categories, article groups, individual articles, suppliers and much more. Moreover, various scenarios can be calculated. The effects on your inventory can be shown on both individual product level or group level. This information can be easily shared with the board, product management, and sales.

Guaranteed: ROI achieved in just 1 year

We only offer our Slim4 inventory management software to companies when we are positive that the ROI will be achieved within one year. In conclusion, unless we are very certain, we will not implement Slim4. During implementation, we always focus on reducing inventory levels, improving customer service,  processes and knowledge. Our ultimate goal is to reduce your companies working capital and increase turnover.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to have a free demo.  Please also have a look at some of our business cases.