How to maximise inventory management through effective management in retail fashion

In fashion retail environments, inventory management is a fast-paced and complex game. With short product lifecycles, lengthy lead times and specific size curve profiles for each and every location, everything is based upon maximising availability in the first few weeks to ensure that items sell at full price. High-quality fashion inventory management software is crucial.
Through intelligent management of the initial allocation coupled with highly responsive replenishment based on local demand patterns, fashion retailers can prevent residual stock from ending up in the wrong locations. This means you can reduce the costs of sales and avoid costly reallocations. Something especially important given the growing number of channels to be managed.

How to minimise out-of-stocks while maintaining the maximum level of margin

With Slim4, you will become better positioned to translate your corporate objectives into efficient operational fashion inventory management processes. By automatically identifying seasonality and trends as well as utilising Slim4's accurate statistics-based forecasting capability, the inventory management solution makes it possible for fashion retailers to dynamically determine the optimal inventory position for every location and every item. Furthermore, when items sell more or less than expected, the software responds quickly. Slim4 avoids never out of stock (noos), you get better fashion planning and inventory control.

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Pre-season in fashion

Every fashion retailer knows the pre-sales stress. As a fashion retailer, a “first time right” mentality is essential. However, when it comes to managing the assortment, it can be very difficult to make the optimal decision. With Slim4, you can optimise your initial allocation of all items within your fashion assortments. This can be achieved with either a push or a pull demand model. With help from the solution, size curves can be calculated to optimise the distribution of your assortment across all locations and webstores. Slim4 supports both the management of collection-items as well as Never Out of Stock (NOOS) items within the fashion assortment.

In-season in fashion

In-season a fashion retailer wants the right stock at the right location. Slim4 ensures that the right items, right sizes, and right color combinations are available at the right locations. This, in turn, allows fashion retailers to ensure that the assortment is allocated promptly, promotions are managed more effectively as well as avoiding lost sales through stock-outs: all while guaranteeing both stores and customers receive a high service level.

End of life: Fashion on sale!

End of life is fenominal for a fashion retailer. Ensuring stock levels are healthy at the start of a sale is essential to minimise mark-down and thus maximise the net margin. However, when an item is running low, how can you determine how much stock should be made available in the physical stores and how much should be reserved for the webshop(s)? Through using our inventory optimisation tool, Slim4, fashion retailers can effectively prevent out of stocks from occurring through ensuing that the last remaining items are allocated to the right location. This, in turn, enables you to better manage shortages and thus maximise margins.

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