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An inventory management solution for every industry is what Slimstock offers you. In all stockholding industries, Slim4's helps to realise the supply chain goals. Worldwide we helped in several industries, for example, the production industry, wholesale, retail and spare parts. Through optimising inventory management processes, our customers typically see huge reductions in inventory while simultaneously improving customer service levels.

Ultimately, our solutions have been built to help businesses like yours to achieve operational excellence!

In order to gain a competitive advantage, many wholesalers and distributors now offer extensive assortments encompassing many thousands of SKUs. While this ensures that customers have plenty of choices, ensuring every item is managed effectively, is often a real challenge.

With Slim4, wholesalers and distributors gain greater control over their inventory thus enabling them to achieve significant efficiency improvements. Through optimising the entire inventory management process, businesses can reduce inventory levels by up to 30% while still achieving the service levels customers expect.


Make informed inventory decisions based upon accurate forecasts developing through trusted & validated forecasting methods.

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Retail is a dynamic and complex industry: margins become lower, the number of product introductions is increasing and the promotional pressure is high. Given that turnover is fragmented across multiple locations and channels, it’s vital that the inventory is managed effectively to ensure the customer always enjoys a convenient shopping experience wherever they choose to make a purchase.

Slimstock’s retail solutions are designed to enable structural inventory optimisation in Food, Fashion, and Non-Food environments. The focus is on the central warehouse, the webshop(s) and automatic store replenishment. Through utilising our inventory optimisation software, Slim4, coupled with our extensive retail experience, we ensure that our customer reaches their inventory goals: the right stock at the right time in the right shop!


Anticipate demand with greater accuracy, taking into account seasonality, trends, promotions and volatile sales patterns.

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In order to make the absolute most of the available production capacity, manufacturers depend upon a reliable supply chain. In make-to-stock environments, planning teams must be able to generate robust forecasts to ensure the right products are made in the right volume and are available for customers at the right time. Receiving raw materials from the supplier in time and complete is key.

Equally, in make-to-order environments, an accurate estimate of required parts and components is essential in order to satisfy customer demand in a timely manner. In both scenarios, Slim4 is instrumental in enabling manufacturers to strike the balance between inventory costs and availability!


Determine the optimal inventory level for every item within your assortment through basing decisions on clear and reliable analysis.

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For businesses in the spare parts industry, providing customers with a reliable service is crucial. However, with extensive assortments and a high proportion of slow-moving articles, maintaining high levels of availability while keeping inventory costs under control can be a huge challenge. Our solutions help spare parts businesses to maintain consistently high service levels while still keeping a tight hold on supply chain costs and investment in inventory.


Maximise sales opportunities while minimising the risk of excess stock by adjusting stock levels in line with promotions.

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