Kirstin Ash support eCommerce growth with Slim4

Stocked in over 150 leading boutiques across Australia and the world, Kirstin Ash is the premium name for jewellery. As a rapidly growing brand, the business turned to Slimstock to help support the tremendous growth in eCommerce sales.

“For many years, investing in online channels and growing our social media following have been key focuses for our brand. However, due to COVID-19, market conditions have changed significantly. As a result, the importance of a strong eCommerce presence is more evident than ever.” Highlights Nick Ash, Managing Director at Kirstin Ash.


Aside from managing the unexpected disruptions that come with COVID-19, the biggest challenge of Kirstin Ash in 2020 has been keeping up with the increased growth across both their eCommerce and wholesale channels. “With the accurate demand insights provided by Slim4, we see a great opportunity to further improve our approach to inventory management,” states Nick.

Like many retailers in this field, building-up stock to cover demand over the Christmas period is essential: “We have had to factor in longer lead times due to inbound logistic delays. We have also had to increase our inventory holdings to mitigate the risks of supply shortages. With production also at a lesser capacity, we have had to become more flexible with our suppliers. However, with Slim4, we were able to optimise inventory levels before the holiday season settled in.”


Over the last 5 years, Kirstin Ash has invested significant time into reviewed their systems and processes. To identify the best fit for their rapidly growing brand, the team have participated in demonstrations from various suppliers as well as engaged with international consultants and experts in the field of inventory management: “As a family-run business, we are cautiously conservative in our decision making. Given that inventory purchasing is the single biggest cash investment we make, this was an important decision for our business.”

Nick continues: “As a cloud-based software application, Slim4 was at the top of our wish list. Now that Slimstock has an Australian office and a support team based here in Australia, we just knew they offered the perfect fit for our business. We get incredible support. With regular contact, we couldn’t be happier with our decision and how the project has progressed. Now all the parameters have been refined to support our specific needs, the system is easy and intuitive for our inventory team to use.”


To avoid stock-outs and dead stock as well as increase business efficiency, the jewellery retailer was committed to attaining the optimum inventory levels. During the process, we worked with the team at Slimstock to improve our internal procedures.

Nick adds: “As a result, our inventory team now have a better understanding of the key inputs they can make to leverage performance improvements. Furthermore, we have also improved the way we work with international suppliers. With the insights provided by Slim4, we can work with our supply chain partners to prioritise production of key products, investigate delays when needed and manage our changing supply chain requirements.”

The managing director goes on to conclude: “There will be a significant impact on all supply chains for the foreseeable future. As companies re-evaluate their inventory management strategies, it’s crucial to have good tools and systems in place.”