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Published in Blog - 18 February 2021

Excess Stock | Trim Down Your Excess Inventory

Holding too much stock has some potentially financial consequences. Discover 4 simple steps to help you eliminate the excess stock.
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Published in Blog - 15 February 2021

5 signs that you have Outgrown Excel for Inventory Management

Slim4 is a system developed by people who understand inventory management. With Excel you have to design your own process, which may result in errors.
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Published in Blog - 09 December 2020

8 Video Tips to Plan for Chinese New Year

Every year, Chinese New Year supplier closures present supply chain teams much anxiety. As we usher the Year of the Ox next year, check out these videos to prepare, plan and execute an effective supplier strategy.
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Image Impact COVID-19 on Inventory Management Published in Blog - 21 April 2020

Minimise the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain

Making quick and agile decisions is crucial to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus in the supply chain. For this reason, it is important to have a clear focus, be flexible and react quick. To support stock holding companies we have summed up the most important actions that need to be taken to manage your inventory correctly during
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picture-inventory-management Published in Blog - 07 April 2020

Inventory management: 7 things you need to know

By Fleur Smits - Straathof -   Definition inventory management In logistics, inventory management is often referred to as the management of the incoming and outgoing goods at a company (by means of planning tools) to make sure materials are available for sale. It is all about aligning people, processes, and technology to ensure you
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Picture reduce emissions inventory management Published in Blog - 20 January 2020

Reduce carbon emissions with accurate Inventory Management

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that warming of the earth is creating a serious treat to the planet we live on. Most likely cause of the problem: carbon emissions. In order to reduce carbon emissions the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN) and many individual countries have introduced or are currently introducing
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horse and jockey at Melbourne Cup Published in Blog - 29 October 2019

The race that stops the nation, but not retail…….

On Tuesday 5th of November, it’s there again, the Melbourne Cup, or the race that stops the nation. The event has been organised since 1861 and is a great happening for every Australian, and that’s not only because of the race… Of course wagering on race is a serious aspect for many people, but more
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cartoon with man and boxes Published in Blog - 24 September 2019

What’s driving your availability levels?

WHAT’S DRIVING YOUR AVAILABILITY LEVELS? Do you have enough stock to meet demand? Do you have too much? How can you ensure your service level targets satisfy the expectations of the business while still keeping investment in stock under control? Can establishing more appropriate service levels actually help boost margins? For stock-holding businesses, availability is
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wrist with a smart watch Published in Blog - 24 September 2019

Deadly sins of stock-outs

7 DEADLY SINS OF STOCK-OUTS! Stock-outs are deceptive beasts. Availability issues sneak up on you when you least expect it. However, left unchecked, stockouts have the ability to devour profits margins in just a matter of seconds. So what can you do to avoid them? In this article, I will highlight the 7 deadly sins
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wholesale inventory management Published in Blog - 23 September 2019

Who is responsible

Incidence, who is actually responsible? "Sales expected a lot from it, but it turned out to be nothing." "Yes, but too much was ordered then." "But that one customer would take it away?" "Who actually came up with those ridiculous forecasts?" "Maybe we just have to wait a while, but we will walk." "Hey, it
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supply chain professional working on computer Published in Blog - 20 September 2019

Improve company performance with demand forecasting

Improve company performance with demand forecasting Australia’s evolving labour market and industrial shifts have pushed our imports to exceed US $200 billion per annum, adding a layer of complexity to the business landscape – where, how, and for how much to import. Manufacturers face the decision of whether to import or continue manufacturing, and this
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spreadshet inventory management Published in Blog - 02 September 2019

Why spreadheets don’t work anymore

WHY SPREADSHEETS DON'T WORK ANYMORE When it comes to stock control software, spreadsheets are the weapon of choice for most planners. However, spreadsheets are only as effective as the person entering the data. Even for the most advanced spreadsheet users, trying to manage inventory in this way can quickly become complex, clunky and a long-winded
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inventory management e-commerce Published in Blog - 02 September 2019

Product availability disrupts online business

HOW PRODUCT AVAILABILITY DISRUPTS ONLINE BUSINESS By Aad Smits Over the past years, an increasing number of e-commerce businesses have been founded in Australia. Online shopping is booming and in its 2018 report, Australian Post stated that by 2020 they expect 1 out of 10 items to be purchased online. But what are the things
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graph with text ABC analysis Published in Blog - 30 July 2019

How to calculate an ABC analysis

By Fleur Smits - Straathof - ABC analysis can be used for inventory holding companies to classify their inventory into different categories. The three categories are A, B and C and give an indication of the importance of an item to the business. If an item has a low contribution to the company’s sales it
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icon with bikers on racing bike Tour de France Published in Blog - 05 July 2019

What can we learn from the Tour de France about inventory management

By Aad Smits - This weekend, the 106th edition of the Tour de France will start. Although cycling and inventory management are two completely different things, you’d be surprised how similar they can be when looked at closely, from a different perspective.
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the 4 inventory wisdoms for christmas Published in Blog - 05 December 2018

The four inventory management wisdoms for Christmas

By Aad Smits - Christmas, many people look forward to it all year: decorating the house, cooking enough pudding for the whole week and having a great time with family and friends. But for some people this time of the year means sleepless nights, headaches and lots of stress. For most retailers it is the
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Fashion Retail Inventory Management Published in Blog - 04 December 2018

How to survive the evolving market?

By Aad Smits - Over the last few decades, the retail world has changed more than ever. New technologies have entered the market and have transformed traditional retail stores into high-tech shops where, for instance, you can do everything through self-checkout, or as extreme as having stores with no employees at all. Nowadays consumers expect
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