Masterclass Vendor Management

This master class is intended for buyers, category managers and supply chain specialists who want to professionalize collaboration with their suppliers. This masterclass will focus on how you can gain a greater understanding of your suppliers and work with them to optimise the supply chain as well as how you can measure performance.

After attending this master class, you will be able to take supplier management within your own organisation to a higher level.

1 Day program:

  • Customer ordering decoupling point
  • KPIs for supplier performance monitoring
  • What do we measure and how should we communicate the results?
  • Aggregation level
  • Differentiate
  • Data requirement
  • Different forms of measurements for suppliers and customers

The master class is for purchasing, logistics, supply chain management and category Management managers and operational staff who are responsible for supply chain relations at a tactical and operational level. The Masterclass is an Bachelors Level.


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