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Slimstock Academy | Assortment Management Masterclass Optimise your entire assortment

Discover how you can use data-driven insights to build a more profitable assortment

Assortment Management Masterclass

What can you expect?

Do you currently segment your assortment? If so, how? What criteria should you use to segment your assortment? What best practices should you implementto optimise your entire assortment? How can Slim4 support you with this?

In times when competition is fierce and customer satisfaction is key, you need to focus your time and resource on the items that need it the most. This segmentation masterclass will teach you ways to better manage your assortment and outline where Slim4 can optimise your processes. After completing this masterclass, you will understand how to gain invaluable insight into your assortment. You will learn how to monitor and plan for product lifecycles changes as well as how to structure your assortment to maximise profitability.

Programme details

This workshop takes place over 1 day and will cover the following topics:

– ABC/XYZ analysis
– Product Phase in & out
– Assortment Index
– Incremental Margin Analysis


Please note, these sessions will take place in the Midlands.

2022 dates

February 17th – 9:30am – 4pm

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This masterclass is intended for tactical-level planners and members of the management team, who are responsible for determining the assortment. Employees who support the management team in making these decisions are also welcome.


The course fees for the Assortment Management Masterclass are £1,200 per person excl. VAT

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