“A customer needs to have a clear vision of the goals they want to achieve with their business”

Ruben Zomerdijk sat down to discuss his new role at Slimstock, life in Dubai and thoughts on the Middle East and Africa region...

When did you join the Slimstock Middle East & Africa team?

I joined Slimstock on August 1st 2018, but moved from The Netherlands to Dubai at the beginning of October. During the first 2 months, I was being trained by the inventory experts at our Dutch headquarters to ensure I get a flying start in the Middle East & Africa region.

What is your role?

I am a consultant at Slimstock. I am involved in multiple projects for improving inventory management and implementing our software Slim4 at new and existing customers.

What’s the first thing you wanted to do in Dubai?

To be honest, Dubai has so much to offer that I could not make up my mind on what to do first. In the first couple of weeks I visited different parts of Dubai to get an understanding of the city and the people living here. I enjoyed visiting the many attractions such as the malls, beaches and great nightlife venues. I am looking forward to exploring so much more in this city and the region too.

What does your working day look like?

Each morning starts with a nice breakfast and then I'm off to either the office or a customer visit. From there a day can vary between discussing inventory topics with a customer, creating a business case for a prospect or activities related to an implementation of Slim4. My role involves a lot of diversity depending on the day. Because we work with such a wide variety of customers, I could be spending my day at a warehouse or an office building. Dealing with so many different industries insures that my job never gets repetitive or boring.

What’s the impact of Slim4?

The impact of Slim4 differs from organisation to organisation. The software can increase sales by reducing stock outs, increase working capital by reducing excess stock, improve inventory turn, or a combination of the three. It eventually leads to increase in revenue due to all the savings. A customer needs to have a clear vision of the goals they want to achieve with their business. From that moment, Slim4 can help translate a company’s strategy into outstanding inventory management.

What’s your goal in this role?

My ambition is to learn from the way they do business in this region and in return customers and potential partners can learn from my knowledge about supply chain management. My goal is to seize every opportunity to improve myself and the people around me. The best thing I can do is work each day with full courage and the outcomes occur. If you asked me where I would see myself in 5 years, I would say that I simply don't know. I did not know 5 years ago that I would be living and working in Dubai on this particular day so it is hard to predict the future. Working with Slimstock is great because it gives me the opportunity to develop in an environment that is so diverse. The company is more like a family than a business. We all help each other with the common goal of helping our customers. We have over 20 offices around the world so maybe in 5 years I could be in Austrailia or even Singapore.

How much potential do you see in the Middle East & Africa market?

I am convinced that Slimstock made a smart move by opening an office in Dubai for the Middle East & Africa region. For example, the United Arab Emirates grew tremendously in the last few decades, but the growth is starting to stabilize. Is that a bad thing? No, because now businesses are starting to think about how they can perform better with the resources that are already available in the market. I can see that Slimstock is an expert in this area for different industries. The African market on the other hand is a bit more difficult to predict because they will have unprecedented growth, but Slimstock has proven that they are able to support markets in growing stages. The possibilities are endless in the Middle East and Africa.