How to create visibility in a multi-channel environment?

For companies that exist in today’s complex omnichannel and multisite environment, achieving stock availability has never been more difficult ... and costly! With more channels, more demanding customers and an increasing number of products to manage, many organisations can quickly lose sight of their inventory position. Faced with expensive excess stock levels and crippling shortages, what can businesses do to enhance visibility across their entire operation?

Given that a typical supply chain is now comprised of an increasing number of levels and channels, it is vital that inventory is managed effectively across the entire network. However, with so many different links in the network (DC, regional DCs, branches etc), ensuring that stock is available at the right time at the right place has never been more difficult.

In order to effectively plan and manage inventory across the entire chain, it is vital that the most suitable planning model is adopted. The question is, however, which is the most suitable model for your business?

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