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Slimstock North American Support Team

Here at Slimstock, our North American Support team handles all of your Slim4 requests. We’ll create new accounts, help you answer any questions you may have on how to use the system, help you with any data that you don’t’ think looks correct or is not loading correctly, monitor your daily refreshes, and any other items you may have questions on. There are currently three of us who handle all of the Support Tickets in a “Tier 1” capacity. Two of our support staff are located in Santiago, Chile, and one in the United States (Fort Collins, Colorado). We have other Support Staff here in North America and Chile that will help us handle those tricky situations at a Tier2 level. If we still can’t resolve your issue, we can work with our Software Developers and Senior Support staff in the Netherlands.

Our Tier 1 Staff consists of three team members:


Jason Dietz – United States: Fort Collins, CO

  • Has been supporting the Slim4 application for just a little over two years now
  • Enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf in his free time.

Jason Square

Nestor Alfredo Estay Zamora (Néstor): Santiago, Chile

  • Has been supporting the Slim4 application for four years
  • He enjoys spending time with his 4-month-old baby, watching TV/movies with his girlfriend, and playing soccer (futbol(football), as they say in Chile).

Nestor Round

Robinson Martinez: Santiago, Chile

  • Has been supporting the Slim4 application for almost going on six months
  • He enjoys playing with his two dogs: Nala (Beagle) & Isi (Poodle), and listening to Rap music.

Robinson Round

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