This Is Your Challenge!

Recent changes in the retail market, like the global recession, increased popularity of online sales, the growth of mass merchandisers, and more demanding customers, affect all retailers. Now that the economy is beginning an upswing you have the opportunity to capture market share. Slim4 can be a critical element to helping you seize the right opportunities and thereby satisfying current and new customers.


Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Are You Gaining Market Share?

Are you facing fierce competition, slim margins and hundreds of product categories? Slim4 provides an integrated solution for forecasting, demand planning, and inventory control for Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Slim4 ensures you get the right inventory at the right place at the right time. Still not convinced? We offer a money back guarantee if Slim4 does not give you the return on your investment you need.



Can You Handle Fluctations In Demand?

Slim4 has the capability to manage all of your inventory: it enables you to produce the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality and at the right price the customer is willing to pay. At the same time you also have to deliver superior customer service and be cost-efficient. Using Slim4, your service levels will go up, production lines will not be impacted due to a lack of product, and you will be able to deliver with accuracy.


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Jos Crooijmans

Managing Director
Jos Crooijmans
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Atlanta - Georgia
Chicago - Illinois
United States of America

United States About Slimstock USA

Since Slimstock's establishment in 1993, our objective has always been to identify problems and find relevant solutions and best practices to optimize inventory levels. Since that time Slimstock has grown to over 600 customers throughout all of the major regions in the world. Our success has fueled our growth to two office locations in the USA. The Chicago, IL location serves our northern and north eastern customers while the Atlanta, GA office serves the rest of the USA. Jos Crooijmans is the Managing Director responsible to manage and deliver Slim4 our high value solution with our own experienced consulting team. Our Team is made up of Inventory Practitioners who have lived with the challenges you face. They have overcome these hurdles with the unique combination of software tools and industry knowhow to help you meet your objectives.