Supply Chain Excellence with Slim4

Everyone is looking to strike a balance between working capital, operational costs and the optimal service level. Alongside this, it is vital that organisations spend their time and efforts on areas which provide the greatest returns. This is exactly what our Slim4 software is made for. Slim4 is an integral solution for forecasting, demand planning and inventory control. Slim4 works on the basis of Management by Exception, which is supported by both clear and reliable analysis. Consequently supply chains will see inventory being delivered at the right time, to the right place and in the right quantity.

inventory optimisation cycle with slim4

Why optimise your inventory with Slimstock? 

  • Improve service levels and avoid missing sales: thus maximising customer satisfaction
  • Reduce inventory costs thanks to up to date parameters resulting in less obsolete stock
  • Avoid excess stock: on average, customers reduce inventory by 20-30%
  • Pro-active, efficient inventory management thanks to management by exception and inventory simulation

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Return on investment within one year

When investing in software the ROI and time of first use is of great importance. Slim4 is on average operational within 3 months and will only be sold to you when we can prove that the ROI time is within one year.


Due to the great diversity of customers, we have extensive experience and knowledge in various industries. Click here for an overview of all different industries we have supplied.

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