Supply chain success through structured methodology

Combining knowledge with experience makes every implementation both reliable and predictable. Slimstock consultants have been implementing Slim4 into businesses for over 20 years. Slimstock consultants have thereby gathered a large amount of experience and understanding of the implementation process in different organisations and industries. Through this experience and understanding a structured implementation method has been developed which guarantees a successful implementation of the software.


Preparing for operational excellencePreparation

The 5 P's of operational excellence: Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.


Transfer supply chain knowledge Train-as-you-fight

Transferring knowledge with recognisable situations (own data training) and direct feedback.


Executing inventory optimisationOptimisation

After having created a solid base it's easy to define the next steps of improvement.


Implementation: 3 phrases to achieve operational excellence

All implementation projects start with the production of a blueprint associated with the logistical processes and flows of goods within the organisation. In addition to this, the interfaces between the customer's ERP system and Slim4 are mapped out and specified with the end result being a concise specification document.

The installation of the software is part of the preparation and takes only one day. After the installation and setup of the software, the training on the job starts. The training will be with customers' own data, at the customers' location and with direct feedback during the training.

As soon as the customer can work individually with the system, we wrap up with a roadmap to excellence. This map will provide clear guidelines to further professionalise the inventory management within the company.

In addition to the above, a precise project plan is configured (in tandem with the customer) at the outset and various milestones are used to create targeted dates and achievements. Furthermore, at various points throughout the implementation, 'snap-shots' are taken of the inventory situation to ensure that we can benchmark and measure success.


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