For each industry a solution

Slimstock is active in organisations where inventory is of crucial importance. Despite all customers being different, the foundation of inventory management is the same everywhere, however, each sector and company has a different focus. In a spare parts environment, supersession and managing the long-tail with irregular demand are of great importance whereas in a retail environment promotion management, multi-channel coordination and an integral apporach of stores to the central warehouse are important.

Production companies are eager to use the forecasted demand in the capacity planning process while wholesale companies share the forecast with their suppliers to realise shorter and more reliable lead times.


Focus on both the central warehouse and automatic store replenishment. 


Find a balance between working capital and customer service. 

Hbo retailSpare parts

Manage a large and diversified assortment: always on stock!


Optimal use of the manufacturing capacity.


Fast delivery times and a higher product availability. 

Building materialsBuilding materials

Aimed at both the professional market and end-consumer business. 

Consumer productsConsumers

Reduce the amount of out of stocks and eliminate lost sales. 

Industrial componentsIndustrial

Increase stock turn, availability, and profit. 

PharmaPharma & healthcare

Improve your supply chain performance with Slim4.

SanitarySanitary & climate

Maintain a clear view on the total inventory and sales. 

Our specialists can help you Empty

Our experience in the different sectors is clustered in expert teams. Their specific know-how is consolidated and is therefore of high value.

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