Slimstock: market leader in inventory optimisation

Founded in 1993, Slimstock has become the market leader in inventory optimisation in Europe, with more than 600 customers. Our complete software package, Slim4, contains forecasting, demand planning and inventory management, helping you to get the right inventory to the right place at the right time.

Practical solutions & expertise

Beside software solutions, we also offer project based support and professional services, including coaching, analysis, and interim professional support. We showcase our knowledge and experience at international events, and we also offer our own qualifications and training programs.

The Results for your Business

We can offer assistance to help reduce your inventory while at the same time increasing the service level. So turnover increases, while costs decrease. The return on a Slim4 investment starts within one year of introduction, and we can offer a guarantee on these results.

Interested? Our inventory specialists will be pleased to assist you. Contact us. 



With more than 600 customers spread across the world, we may call ourselves a global company


ManagementManagement Board

Knowledge, passion, and experience are the keywords that best describe our Management.  


Mission and visionMission and vision

We possess both the knowledge and experience to put theory into practical software. 







In 2013 we celebrate our 20 year anniversary. Slim4 processes 20 million SKU per hour. 



In cooperation with our partners we offer a complete knowledge network with worldwide coverage. 




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