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Slimstock offers companies the complete solution for the structural optimization of their inventory: Slim4. We continuously strive to optimize and improve our customers' supply chains by innovative and ongoing development of our solutions. Besides forecasting, demand planning and inventory management we offer solutions for promotions management, life cycle management, and order optimization.


Direct results with Slim4

We only offer our Slim4 software to companies when we are absolutely positive that the return on investment will be achieved within one year. That means if we can't prove it, we don't sell. We show in advance that we can achieve this goal and we also highlight where the improvements can be made and what we can do for our customers i.e. lower inventory costs, higher service levels and increased turnover. Read more about Slim4 software.


20 years of knowledge and experience

With our 20th anniversary in 2013 and 600+ customers worldwide, we are without doubt the European market leader in inventory optimization. Optimal results require not just high quality software, but well trained staff as well. We pride ourselves on the experience of our people whom have come from many fields of supply chain expertise. It is exactly this high level of knowledge associated with all facets of inventory optimization that ensures we remain market leaders.

Slimstock, specialists in inventory optimization

Slimstock is a leading supplier of forecasting, demand planning and inventory optimization software for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers. Optimize your inventory while increasing customer service levels.

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